Being prepared for how you want the things that you have acquired throughout your lifetime to be distributed when you are gone can be a daunting task.  There are many different ways to be sure that the property that you have will go to the love one that you would like.  When a person passes away without a Will or other testamentary document, the assets in the person’s estate are disbursed according to the laws of Texas in the Probate Code.  This is often not what the person really wanted, but without some direction otherwise, courts are required to follow the law.  The best way to prevent this is to have a valid Will and, if desired, a trust or trusts.

There are other considerations in estate planning that we suggest our potential clients explore.  These are: A Power of Attorney for medical decisions should you become incapacitated but have not passed away, a Power of Attorney to make financial and other decisions during incapacitation, and an Advanced Directive to Physician (commonly called a Living Will) to allow you the opportunity to decide how you want your physician to handle situations of your life being supported by machines.

These are only the most common of the many services that Baker & Beck, PLLC provides for clients seeking estate planning.  We can assist you with a simple Will, a trust, or in making a comprehensive estate plan that includes a detailed Will, a Trust and any other supporting documents that will allow you and your possessions to be handled the way that you want them to be handled, fairly and with dignity.

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